Month: September 2017

Opinion Digital Insurers: The new tech giants of 2020?

“Not Google nor Facebook: Most valuable company will be an insurance company.” With a headline like that, how could you resist not reading the article? Its author, Julian Teicke, makes the case for insurers ultimately becoming dominant players in the digital world. That’s because data will define value in the emerging online consumer market, and trust

The new frontier for insurtech

The insurance industry felt the first wave of insurtech with the emergence of the internet in the 1990s when bricks-and-mortar commerce slowly made its way on to the web. At the time it seemed like a life-changing disrupter for agencies across the globe, but it was only a glimpse at what was to come. Now,

Ping An Launches 10 AI+ Innovative Services

Ping An Insurance China announced the launch of 10 innovative services backed by the world’s leading AI technology. The services are jointly launched by the Group’s subsidiaries, including life and P&C insurance, annuity, bank, credit card, securities, Caifubao, Lufax, Puhui, Ping An Good Doctor and Ping An Technology. Most of these innovative services are the first of

Insurtech—the threat that inspires

Incumbents need to keep their eyes out for new entrants that use technology to create a strategic advantage. The size of their share in the next generation of the insurance industry is at stake. New, technology savvy players are entering the insurance sector, bringing the full force of their innovative, disruptive, opportunity-laden power. They will