Công ty cổ phần LIMI

Am I covered in any hospital in and outside Vietnam?

•Yes, you are covered in any recognised hospital located in your selected area of coverage. However, in case you visit a hospital that is not part of the Direct billing network, you may have to pay these costs and submit the claim to us.
•You can access the Direct-billing network in and outside Vietnam from our website:
- Within Vietnam: https://myvbi.vn/danh-muc-benh-vien

- Outside Vietnam: https://www.axaglobalhealthcare.com/find-VBI

Can I change my plan on renewal?

•Yes, you can change your plan at least 30 days before your policy is due for renewal. Please contact your VBI consultant to discuss the changes required in your policy prior to the policy anniversary date.
•For any plan upgrades (examples increase in plan limits, expand the area of coverage, add new options, etc.), please submit your request with a new application for the requested plan upgrade. We will require you to declare your current health and for all insured persons on any changes to be made from the initial health declaration made.

•The application will then be re-assessed and, we will advise you on the terms applicable bbefore the upgrade of the plan.