Công ty cổ phần LIMI

Who can apply for insurance?

The insurance is applicable to Vietnam citizens and foreigners who fulfill the basic age and residency requirements as mentioned below:


For adults, from age 18 up to age 70 years old and may be renewable up to the age of 84 years old.
For child(ren), from age 15 days from birth or have been discharged from the hospital after birth, whichever is later and up to age 18 years old. If your child(ren) remains a full-time student, unmarried and unemployed, then cover can be extended up to age 25 years old. Please submit a copy of the educational proof of your child.

Principal Country of Residence:

  • Vietnamese nationals who are living and working in Vietnam, or
  • Foreigners who reside and hold a valid working pass in Vietnam, or
  • Vietnamese nationals whose permanent residence is in Vietnam but are temporarily working outside of Vietnam and will be returning to Vietnam, or
  • Vietnamese students who are currently residing in Vietnam for at least 185 days or more before leaving for full-time studies abroad.

If you intent to reside outside Vietnam or change your principal country of residence mid-way during the policy year, this will be subject to the Insurer’s approval. All applications for insurance cover must be accepted by the Insurer before the start of the policy.

*The maximum entry age is 60 years old for applications submitted through simplified medical underwriting.