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Can I choose any room type if I am hospitalised?

•No, your VBI Premier Care plan provides cover only for a standard private room up to its actual costs. Please refer to the Table of Benefits for your specific hospital room & board entitlement.
•Should you choose to upgrade your hospital room & board type (example from a standard single private room to a deluxe room), you will have to self-pay for the difference for all increased costs.

Can I use the direct billing service?

•Yes, if you visit a hospital that is in the direct billing network, we will settle the costs directly to the hospital for an eligible medical condition and treatment, up to the limits covered by your plan.
•You will be able to enjoy the direct billing facility which includes more than 270 hospitals in Vietnam, and more than one million medical providers worldwide through AXA Global network.

How can I submit a claim request?

•You can submit your claims request and documents through either of the following channel:
1. Download MyVBI App on App Store / Google Play and register for an account. Submit your request and upload the docu- ments via MyVBI application or
2. Send your completed claim form, tax invoices, medical documents and reports including the contact person and doctor’s details directly to us at VBI Claims Department : 4th floor, ICON 4 Building. No. 243A De La Thanh, Dong Da District, Hanoi City •For detailed instructions on Claims Procedures and submission, please refer to the Documents of Claiming guidance
for VBI Premier Care plan.

Am I covered in any hospital in and outside Vietnam?

•Yes, you are covered in any recognised hospital located in your selected area of coverage. However, in case you visit a hospital that is not part of the Direct billing network, you may have to pay these costs and submit the claim to us.
•You can access the Direct-billing network in and outside Vietnam from our website:
- Within Vietnam: https://myvbi.vn/danh-muc-benh-vien

- Outside Vietnam: https://www.axaglobalhealthcare.com/find-VBI

Can I choose my own medical provider/doctor?

Yes. You can choose your own medical providers or doctor, but they must be qualified and recognised by us within your chosen area of cover. The chosen treatment must be established as effective and not experimental or pioneering or surgi- cal techniques including medicines and medical advices not approved by the relevant authorities and government regula- tory board.

Can I make a claim immediately after my policy has been issued?

•You can submit a claim to us arising from an insured event once the policy has been issued. However, some benefits are subject to a waiting period, examples Restorative dental treatment, Inpatient treatment of AIDS & HIV, Maternity, Palliative care, Hospice care, care for persistent neurological damage and Psychiatric treatment. For benefits with waiting periods, we will not pay for any claims incurred within the waiting periods.

•In addition to the waiting periods, all claims are subject to the terms, conditions, and exclusions in the policy before we can confirm that the claim is eligible.

I am keen to apply for the cover. How can I submit my application?

Please refer to the following if you are keen to apply for the insurance:
1. Visit our website at www.vbi.vietinbank.vn and indicate your interest with your personal contact details.
2. Approach our VBI’s consultants who can contact you directly. They will provide you with the information you would need and to assist with the VBI Premier Care insurance application.
3. Contact us at VBI hotline at 1900 1566

Can I change my plan on renewal?

•Yes, you can change your plan at least 30 days before your policy is due for renewal. Please contact your VBI consultant to discuss the changes required in your policy prior to the policy anniversary date.
•For any plan upgrades (examples increase in plan limits, expand the area of coverage, add new options, etc.), please submit your request with a new application for the requested plan upgrade. We will require you to declare your current health and for all insured persons on any changes to be made from the initial health declaration made.

•The application will then be re-assessed and, we will advise you on the terms applicable bbefore the upgrade of the plan.