Công ty cổ phần LIMI

How do I renew my policy?

At least 30 days before your policy expires, VBI will notify you about the upcoming renewal of the insurance policy. You can either email or call our hotline to inform us of your intention to renew the policy.

Will be covered for any illnesses I had in the past?

If you have declared to us your pre-existing medical illnesses and conditions during your application and after our under- writing assessment, we will advise you on the terms we can offer. If there is no specific additional exclusion, we may be able to cover the declared illnesses or conditions if it does not fall under any other general exclusions and limitations as stated in the policy wordings.

However, if you do not take reasonable care and the information provided by you is inaccurate or incomplete then depend- ing on the circumstances, we may take one or more of the following actions:
•Cancel your policy
•Declare your policy void (treating your policy as if it had never existed)

•Impose different terms to your cover, or
•Refuse to pay all, part of any claim or even reduce the amount of any claim payments

What happens if I move to another country?

Please contact us if you move or plan to reside outside Vietnam.
We may continue your cover under some circumstances provided there is no breach of any laws, regulations, or violation of any sanctions. If cover can be continued, we will inform you we can insure you and impose any additional premium adjustment to reflect the change in residence.
If you did not inform us that you will be changing your Principal country of residence, we can refuse to pay for the benefits and proceed to cancel the policy.

When will my coverage begins?

The start / effective date of the cover is on the day the application has been accepted by us and upon our receipt of the premium due. We will inform you when cover will commence.
If we have included any additional term(s), you must agree and confirm acceptance of these terms and premiums due have been received by us before the cover can commence.

The start / effective date of the cover cannot be backdated.

How will I know if my application is being processed?

We will inform you in writing:
•If we have accepted and processed your application or
•If we require further information from you or your family members to complete the underwriting assessment.
Please note if the date of the application form is more than 14 days before the start of the policy, we reserve the right to request you to confirm whether there are changes to the information you have previously provided, where the forms and details must be re-dated and re-signed to reflect the latest dates.

Can I also apply a plan for my spouse, newborn and/or child(ren)?

Yes. You can purchase the same plan for your spouse and children provided your spouse and children fulfill the eligibility age, the Principal country of residence in Vietnam and have completed the medical underwriting assessment of their appli- cation.
For newborn(s), you can add the child to your policy from 15th day of birth or after discharged from the hospital, whichever is later, by submitting a new application form. However, if your policy with us have been continuously covered for a period of at least one year, you can apply the same plan for your newborn on day 1 from birth.

For child(ren) below age 10, they must enrolled with a parent or legal guardian.