Công ty cổ phần LIMI

Will be covered for any illnesses I had in the past?

If you have declared to us your pre-existing medical illnesses and conditions during your application and after our under- writing assessment, we will advise you on the terms we can offer. If there is no specific additional exclusion, we may be able to cover the declared illnesses or conditions if it does not fall under any other general exclusions and limitations as stated in the policy wordings.

However, if you do not take reasonable care and the information provided by you is inaccurate or incomplete then depend- ing on the circumstances, we may take one or more of the following actions:
•Cancel your policy
•Declare your policy void (treating your policy as if it had never existed)

•Impose different terms to your cover, or
•Refuse to pay all, part of any claim or even reduce the amount of any claim payments